Thursday, October 03, 2013

New Release! Hapi

First new release from !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy in a very long time!!

 I am happy to share with you Hapi.

Hapi is a messy style pulled up and held by a cute scarf. The scarf is color change via the TamiHUD and has two options, the main color of the scarf and the accent color also changes. You have so many color options I can't even count :D
The hair is available in 15 color packs including an everything pack and Tami's Pick I and Tami's Pick II which include colors only available in those two packs.
I would love to have you visit and check out Hapi
Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 30, 2013

!TM Rebuild and change in permissions

Hello! I took a break from Second Life for a while, obviously. I'm back and excited for new designs and meeting lots of new people.

I decided to remodel the store to something reminiscent of my original store with a more simple design and easier navigation. So I tore it all down and redid it. Then I had to put everything back out! I have a lotta stuff in my store :D

Well, the re-build is complete and I've got all the hair back out into the store as well as most of the fashion/accessory/clothing items. I am still working on getting a few items from my inventory to the store.
I am changing permissions on the hair styles. They will be copy/mod/no trans from now on. I am in the process of changing the permissions on every hair in the store. If you see one you want and the permissions haven't been changed yet, go ahead and buy it then send me the transaction info in an IM and I'll send you the hair with the correct permissions ASAP. I generally log in Monday thru Friday, but if it's the weekend and you're shopping don't hesitate to send me an IM. I'm usually not far from a computer and can log in as needed.

I hope to see new faces as well as old friends stopping by. Let me know if you're in the store, I'd love to hear from you!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lots of news...

I've rebuilt the store! It's pretty awesome looking if I say so myself :) I am currently working on re-stocking the store now. It might take a bit of time, as I am reworking, editing and generally improving every design before I re-stock it. There are some that will not make it back into the store due to lack of quality, lack of appeal or just my general dislike of the design. All hair will have the !TM v2 hair textures. I haven't decided if I will completely retire the classic textures or have a section with select designs featuring the classic hair textures. Stay tuned for news on that later.
I'm implementing a new system for your purchases. In the past, I have used the old fashioned way of delivery, but with the new store I will be using something new (to me). It will allow re-delivery of lost, damaged, missing from data base etc. situations. I'm hoping it will benefit both you my client and myself with it's simple design. Nothing on your part will really change. You'll still purchase as you've always done.
I have decided to post the ad for the hair as I restock it. As sort of a refresher of my designs since I've been away a while. I'm enjoying being back though and look forward to seeing you in the store. Hope you can stop by some time. Say hi if you do :)

Caress is a casual braided updo that ends in a messy bun on the left side. The bangs are signature !TM messy-chic.


Tangled is the perfect on the go style that you can dress up or dress down. Signature !TM messy bangs with a put together messy look. You can't go wrong with Tangled

There's plenty more to come including, but not limited to:
Hair! of course ;)
Western Wear by *~OT WesternGear~*
Western Gear *~OT WesternGear~*

You can also find Octoberwerks Paradise Blanket in the store and many fine, fun products by Octoberwerks!

Head over to Octami and see what's new!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's been a long time...

  But I'm back :) And I have new releases! Three of them to be precise. I'm happy to present to you Minx, Luxe and Luxe II. The first three of what I hope to be many new releases in the future.
  Here they are:
Short and sassy, just like you'd expect. There are some flexy bits for realism and a touch of spunk.

Straight long hair and completely flexy. It's long hair at it's best. Sophisticated and sexy ;)

Luxe II:
Straight long hair with soft bangs. The back is completely flexy and the bangs are static.

Luxe II
All three are available in 206 shades in many pack options including the everything pack that includes every shade at substantial savings. Each pack includes at least 4 shades and each shade has at least two tip options for some variety. Packs start at L$199 for all regular packs and go up for the multi packs and everything packs. Style demos are free and so are the color demos so you can try before you buy! Head over to Octami and check out what's new and exciting from the !TM brand. Including, but not limited to: Hair, accessories, jewelry, clothing, shoes, boots, western wear from the OT Western Gear brand, and much more. Coming soon !TM Body shop ;)

Here's a direct link to the store

See you there!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I'm Back!!

Hello everyone :) I've been away from Second Life for a while now, but I am back! There's a new sim; Octami, new textures for the hair, a new store to shop in and lots of new things coming in the new year. I have a couple styles I'm just about ready to release and would love to see you come visit the new store and see all the shiny fun and sparkly newness :)
Also, you will find the amazing and fun Paradise Blanket and all of Octoberwerks fun gadgets both by October Brotherhood.
Hope to see you in Octami soon and stay tuned for more information regarding new releases and a grand opening party!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Regarding Content Theft....

Across the grid, designers and builders are battling their content being stolen. !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy is no exception. There are sites now that are claiming to sell !TM merchandise (without my permission) and are stealing credit card information in the process. Please be aware that the ONLY way you can be assured you are actually receiving !TM merchandise is by purchasing it directly from my main store, one of my satellite stores or from XStreetSL under my name

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New release today called Runway

Hi! Thanks for looking at my new release.
This is Runway. Runway is a sleek, sexy short style that's short, made with some sculpted prims for some realism and very easily worn with dramatic formal wear to the most casual of fun wear.

Runway comes in 206 shades in many pack options including the everything pack in which you can get every shade at a substantial savings. There are solids and tips in every pack so don't be afraid to spend your lindens on this hair. It's SO worth it.

Packs start at L$199 for most packs and a little more for the large packs. The regular packs (L$199) include 12 hairs (at least).

Demos are free as are the color demos, so you can try before you buy :)

Hope to see you in Dixie !