Monday, July 30, 2007

Misfit for the guys...

New today is Misfit. It's a total step away from my usual designs and I really enjoyed making this one. It was suggested a while back by my boyfriend and I spend a lot of time getting it just right. So I am pleased with the results finally and ready to release it to the store. As always it comes in 10 natural colors and available by request in 8 fantasy colors, (as do all my styles). Just drop me a notecard named !Color request and I'll get it done for you. Hope you enjoy this one and as a sidenote: Ladies do you think this one will work for us? If I have enough interest I'll be glad to make it smaller for the ladies and put it out. I'd love feedback! Come see me in Dixie ;) Hugs!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Modern for both the ladies and the men ;)

New tonight is Modern. It's made in both a male and female style. The laides version is just a little whispier and has some more waves making it more feminine. Available in all 10 of my natural colors and by request in the 8 fantasy colors. Hope to see you in Dixie soon! Hugs :)