Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tis the season..

It's time to get Tamified AND save some cash! I've repriced the entire store! All singles are L$199, value packs are as follows: Lights/Darks pack L$796, Fantasy pack L$1194, and the Everything pack is L$2399. If you've been waiting to grab that value pack or a paticular hair NOW is the time ;) I don't know how long I'll keep the sale prices (Took me FOREVER to reprice the whole store), so don't wait too long! Hope to see you in Dixie. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here comes Trouble....new today!

Here comes trouble...New today an asymetrical sexy do. I've had this one in my inventory for weeks now! (Just ask Greyce) ;) Finally I got all the colors done so it can be released! The right side shows the ear while the left graduates down to chin length. Super stylish and sexy. There's just a little flex for realism. Avaiable in 18 color singles, lights pack, darks pack, fantasy pack and an everything pack. All the packs are discounted. Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two styles have been revised

Hi everyone. I have done an update on both Fate and Destiny. If you have either (or both) and would like a replacement with the new version (no charge), please IM either SeaWay or Mystic Brodsky to verify the older purchase and then I'll send you the replacement :) This is to address the flickering of the textures that seems to have gotten worse. No more flicker in the back :) Also, keep an eye out for more new Flexation hair for those of you who enjoy the long styles. I have several in the works ;) Hope to see you in Dixie!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday deliciousness

Releasing a new hair today for the ladies... It's a mid short sexy one with a side pulled back. Just enough flex for realism and plenty of spunkiness! I think you'll like it if you like to wear shortish sexy hair. Either way come see me in Dixie :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's time to get Tamified....New Contest!

It's contest time at Hair Styles by Tami McCoy. Scattered throughout my store and the grounds surrounding the store are 5 presents. If you find one of the presents click to buy it for L$0 and you just got yourself a free hair style! This contest will continue through the holiday season at random times and days. So be on the lookout for group notices. If you're not in my update group be sure to join, I might not be able to post it on the blog every time. Gotta keep yall guessing ;) All presents will be found on the South West side of the sim. The side of the river where the store is located. Come on over and have some fun yall! Hope to see you in Dixie

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Become his Obsession...

Obsession. Sleek, sexy, with realistic flex to set him on fire ;) Long hair again for those of you who have been after me because I've been slacking in your department. Available in 18 color choices, or in lights, darks and fantasy packs for those who like more than one shade and wanna save a few L$. Everything packs for those who want it all! Available now in Dixie. Come see me! Hugs

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Sweetheart to start your weekend

Introducing Flexation. A brand new way to enjoy flex in your hair styles. It moves with ease flows like natural hair and looks awesome while dancing ;)
Sweetheart is long flex with a simple braid around the sides that falls into a barette with color change in the back. Sweetheart is available in 18 colors in my store in Dixie. Come give it a try. Demos available for every color and style.
Thanks for looking. Come see me in Dixie ... HUGS!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This one will make you purr....Meow!

Sexy new style out today...Meow. Whispy, sexy and flexy. This one is so fun to wear. I am loving it. Available in Dixie in 18 color singles. Also in Lights pack, Darks pack, Fantasy pack and Everything pack for extra savings if you like getting more than one color! Special savings for group members tonight during the release. Come see me in Dixie ;)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sassy gurls have more fun ;)

New today is Sassy. This is a cute little short 'do with whispies and flex just where you need it to make it femenine and cute but not too severe. I love this hair it's just so fun to wear. I hope yall will enjoy it too. Hugs and come see me in Dixie!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

For the guys...

These two styles have been waiting for release for months. I actually began these back in August and finally I have them ready for release. I give you Hawk and Hawk II. A mohawk and a faux hawk if you will. Hopefully these will be a fun addition to your hair collection. Available in my store in Dixie in 10 natural shades and 8 fantasy shades. I had a lot of fun making these. Enjoy! Come see me in Dixie ;)

And the winners are...

Hi everyone. I am pleased to announce to you the winners of the Tamified contest. Thank you to everyone for your entries. There were some awesome pictures and it was hard to choose these 5 winners. Here they are in no paticular order:
Julana Teichmann
Kendra Lunasea
Greyce Congrejo
Sky Christensen
April Burt
I will be contacting the winners individually today. They each win L$1000 in hair from my store. If you're reading this before I've been able to speak to you while you're online, head over to my store, pick out the styles you'd like, make a notecard listing your hair choice and color and name it Tamified - Your Name, then drop it on my profile. I will send your hair to you ASAP. This is just the first of events/contests I have planned for your enjoyment. Stay tuned and in the group for more info soon. There will be a fun announcement this week for something I have planned.
I'd like to give an honorable mention to these group members for their entries:
Karlsdotter Soderstrom
Tara Flannigan
Stephanie Abernath
I have something special for them as well ;)
Once again I really appreciate everyone's participation and making this contest such a success and great fun for me. Hugs to you all!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Contest deadline

Just a reminder, tonight at midnight SL time is the deadline for contest entries. Please be sure to get your entry in if you've been putting it off. Also, please make sure the picture is full permission so if you win I can display it in the store. Good luck, and to those of yall who have already sent me entries WOW! Such awesome pictures I'm going to have a helluva time choosing. Such creativity. I'm blown away. Thanks to those who entered so far. Hugs I'll announce the winners tomorrow some time :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Contest Starting NOW!

A contest for the best picture in your favorite Tami Hair! Put on your favorite Tami Hair and take a picture. Make a folder, name it TAMIFIED name the picture YOUR NAME. Put the picture in it and drop it in my profile. On Sunday I will choose and award five winners L$1000 in hair of your choice from my store. This will only apply to group members, tell your friends about it and have them join to qualify. The winners will also have their picture displayed in the store! Get snappin and see yall in Dixie!
(Please note: Only one entry per person)

Friday, October 26, 2007

New release ... finally!!!

Well, as many of you know I have moved in real life. This is the reason for no new release in the last 6 weeks. So finally I have settled in some and I have been able to create a new style for us. This one is named Cupcake. It's flexy cuteness in pony tails. Available in all 10 Naturals and in 8 Fantasy shades in my store in Dixie today. Look for 2 new men's styles next week and (hopefully) 1 for the ladies. Hope to see you in Dixie soon. Come say I've missed yall so much! As a sidenote, I will be accepting the new resident voucher starting November 1st. If you, or someone you know was 'born' September 4th or later go ahead and get your voucher at the Free Dove and submit them on the 1st. I will be ready to tackle those again. As before, please remember it will be no less than 2 days turnaround on delivery. Thanks for your continued support and patience while I was so limited for SL time. Come see me in Dixie :) Hugs!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is it Fate? or Destiny? (it's Fate :)

New release tonight called Fate. It's been a while since I released anything new and this was a special request from my good friend Shelly Toonie....so here ya go ShelBell Hope yall enjoy. Comes in 10 Natural and available in 8 Fantasy colors also vailable in caboodle packs of 5 colors for the price of 4. Come see me in Dixie

Friday, August 10, 2007

A new one for the lil gurls ;)

A new one for the little girls who have been begging me for new hair. Here you go. Lil Gurl Babycakes comes in all 10 naturals and available in the 8 fantasy shades on request. There's flex in these pigtails so it's super cute. Hope you enjoy :) Come see me in Dixie!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Something new....Moonshadow Earrings

I thought I'd try something new this week and so we have Moonshadow Earrings. They're available in both gold and white gold. Copy/No Mod/No Transfer. Pretty little earrings to decorate your cute lil ears ;) They look adorable on. Hope you enjoy these as much as I am. Come see me in Dixie! Hugs

Monday, August 06, 2007

Misfit Too

Last week I released Misfit...
This week it's Misfit Too...It's got the same flavor as Misfit with some added spice. It has sublte flex for realism and movement. I've included a long and short version for the front since not everyone wants hair down to their nose ;) Available as always in 10 natural colors and on request 8 fantasy colors. Hope you enjoy :) As before with the Misfit if any ladies think they might like this and there's enough interest I'll make this one in a ladies version too. So give me feedback again please. Come see me in Dixie!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Misfit for the guys...

New today is Misfit. It's a total step away from my usual designs and I really enjoyed making this one. It was suggested a while back by my boyfriend and I spend a lot of time getting it just right. So I am pleased with the results finally and ready to release it to the store. As always it comes in 10 natural colors and available by request in 8 fantasy colors, (as do all my styles). Just drop me a notecard named !Color request and I'll get it done for you. Hope you enjoy this one and as a sidenote: Ladies do you think this one will work for us? If I have enough interest I'll be glad to make it smaller for the ladies and put it out. I'd love feedback! Come see me in Dixie ;) Hugs!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Modern for both the ladies and the men ;)

New tonight is Modern. It's made in both a male and female style. The laides version is just a little whispier and has some more waves making it more feminine. Available in all 10 of my natural colors and by request in the 8 fantasy colors. Hope to see you in Dixie soon! Hugs :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New release...Careless

New tonight is Careless in both male and female version. This is short with a tousled look. There is some subtle flex. Comes in all 10 colors as always and available by request in the 8 fantasy shades. Come see me in Dixie :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Proof is priceless

Another day in SL...Another theif

I always intended to keep personal things out of my blog. I wanted it to remain design related. While this is personal, it's also design related so I've deicded to post and let those of you who check here for new releases, see something that has been going on. It's come to my attention that someone is selling a copy of one of my designs. I wan't going to post his name because I didn't want to make drama but after this past evening and his continued lies and refusal to remove my hair, added with the fact that he has at least one other stolen design he's selling with MY textures on it, I decided that all's fair. So his name is Micheal Kingsford. I've repeatedly asked him to stop, (for over 3 weeks now), he either says ok and stops for a while, then puts them back into his store, or he lies and never takes them out at all after telling me he will. He even went so far as to take them out for a week or so. I thought the issue was over, but sadly I found out yestrday he has them back out again. He's been spoken to by others as well. To no avail. He claims Linden Lab told him he is not doing anything wrong and they said it's ok for him to resell. When asked to produce proof (ie: forward the so called email), he stopped responding. So I decided to make public so those of you who help new residents will shy away from his so called new resident help store, and avoid him at all costs. He also has a custom motorcycle store. So if you like to ride choppers in SL please avoid these as well. I am going to include pictures in this post so you can see the designs and hopefully this will prevent more sales for him. Design theft is something that we see more and more in SL on a daily basis lately. It sickens me. I hate seeing someone taking something we as designers put our heart into and then just blatantly reselling with no morals, no remorse and sadly so far, no consequences. I abhor lazy people like this and hope that you too will avoid doing any business with these type of people. It should be noted he has an entire store of items that are likely stolen as well along with freebies also. This hair is so obviously my design and texture no one will deny this man is a lazy theif. I hope you will stand behind myself and other designers, sadly far too many of them, and refuse to be a patron at any of these type of stores. Let's stand together and show the lazy theives that we are interested in quality, honesty and most of all supporting those who try to help make SL a better place with their designs. Thank you for reading my rant.
Update: I spoke with Tigerlily Koi. It was her men's hair that he copied and used my texture on. I guess he thought no one would notice. He thought wrong. So he's taken her design down but mine remains. Which leads me to believe her's will return shortly. It's his pattern. I hate that she was feeling so good about him taking it down on her blog This guy seems to think he's invincible. I hope we are able to show him he's not.

Here is my design.

Here is the one he is selling. An older version of the same hair that I recently updated.

Here is a mens hair we have confimed is copied from Calla Hair with my texture.

And here is the screen shot of the hair properties clearly showing it's my design he's reslling. Click on the image to see clearly the properties box where it states I am the creator of the hair he's selling.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Just released is Dream. It's not quite an updo but more than a pony tail. Long flexy tendrils with curls pulled up and whispy sexy bangs. Inspired by Gwen this is one that you will wear time and time again with formal and with casual wear. Hope you enjoy! Come see me in Dixie

Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's release...Gwen

Released tonight...Gwen. Inspired by Gwen Carillon. A dear friend I respect and adore. Gwen's a brilliant artist and owns Elements in Design in Greenmantle. Check out her store sometime, you'll be amazed. The hair is long (past the waist and to the hiney unless you're super tall), flexy with an updo/and long formal look at the same time. Looks good with jeans too tho! Hope you enjoy wearing this one as much as I have been. I haven't changed hair for two days and counting, lol. Come see me in Dixie :) HUGS!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Relay For Life Fair This Weekend

This weekend the RFL teams will be holding a Fair located at the 4 sims LL has generously donated named: Relay Cure, Relay Hope, Relay Faith and Relay Charity. The team I'm on, Dixie Rebel Relayers, are on the Relay Cure Sim. There are so many wonderful items available to buy for RFL donations and activities to raise money it's gonna take all weekend to see it all. For my own contribution I have Rae, the hair dedicated to to the beautiful Ralene Joni Johnson. Sept 18 1987 to May 6, 2005. Also for this weekend I am offering up for auction 1 year of new releases in your color choice. You can place a bid on this auction at my store and at our section on the Relay Cure sim. Please stop by and make your bid for this wonderful cause. We appreciate all you wonderful friends have done already. We're making a difference 1 linden dollar at a time. God Bless yall. Hugs and come see me in Dixie ;)

Monday, May 28, 2007

3 New hair styles released today!

First up is Dixie Diva. Feathery and sexy and a new trend in real life hair brought back from our past. This one is not flexy but it's hella sexy ;)

Second is Western Gurl. A pony tail with a leather band that has two texture swapping options, one for the leather and the other for the three stones decorating it. Western Gurl is flexy.

Last but not least is Country Gurl. A cute set of ponytails with color change bows. Country Gurl is semi flexy.

Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie!

*~OT~*WesternGear opened it's doors this morning on the Dixie sim right next door to the Silver Dollar Saloon! *~OT~* WesternGear is Tami McCoy and October Brotherhood putting thier powers of western gear creation together for the forces of good.

We have several brand new outfits, and an entire new set of gear for the Cow Gurls out there! Gear is fully scripted with texture swapping so that one gear set will change to match just about anything you wear! All pieces in a gear set will stay matched and coordinated as you change textures. No more buying the same hat twice because you wish it was a different color!

More Western themed gear coming with weekly releases of new product, mosey on down and check us out!

The three hairstyles featured in these ads will be released later today in Dixie.


Monday, May 14, 2007

new for the men....Turmoil!

New men's hair today. It's a long pony tail with a leather tie. The leather tie can be changed from Black Leather to Tan or Brown Leather. Texture change, not color. So it's really sharp looking. Available in all 10 naturals I offer and by request as always in the fantasy colors. Caboodles and Kit N Caboodles available also. Caboodles are multi packs 5 for the price of 4. Kit N Caboodles are a huge pack of every style (men's) in each color at a huge discount price. Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


New release today...Persuasion. Long with just enough flex to make it natural flowing and tons of fun. There are color change hair sticks you can add for a little extra flair. As always it comes in all 10 natural shades and available by request in the fantasy colors. Come see me in Dixie ;) HUGS

Newly re-released

Revamped and improved. I've redone the textures and improved on the design for Seduction. You can find it in the 'Long Straight' section in the store in Dixie. If you already have it and want the update IM me please. Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie...HUGS!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday release is Babycakes

Babycakes is a cute pigtail/bun mix with lots of flexy whisps. Semi covering one eye, the bangs are cute with just a touch of sexy. Comes with an optional color changing ribbon to add a little zip to the style if you so choose. As always it's available in the usual 10 shades and by request the 8 Fantasy shades I offer. Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie ;) HUGS!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

New tonight...Honey

New this evening is Honey. An updo that is hella fancy and super sexy. Comes in all 10 colors as always. Also, I made a tiara to go with this one (or any style for that matter) that you can also pick up. It will be displayed with the hair in the 'New' section. Hugs yall come see me in Dixie :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Released tonight for Relay For Life

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Just released and dedicated to the Relay for life fundraising efforts is Rae. Named for someone who battled cancer and lost her battle not a year ago. Rae was a dear friend of RFL Co-chair Fayandria Foley. I am proud to honor her memory with this new style. All proceeds will go to RFL. Please help support this effort with the Dixie Rebel Relayers. This can be purchased in Dixie and also Dixie Land Estates. Come see me in Dixie and let's raise lots of money for RFL. Hugs yall!
In loving memory and tribite to the beautiful Ralene Joni Johnson. Sept 18 1987 to May 6, 2005. With the angels but forever in our hearts. Have you ever seen such a beautiful smile?

Friday, April 13, 2007

RFL Auction Hair

On Sunday April 15th from 1PM to 4PM SLT the Dixie Rebel Relayers will be holding an auction to benefit Relay For Life. There will be a lot of incredible items up for aution. I'd love to see lots of people there ready to bid on these items! If you'd like to come please join us in Dixie Land Estates, right beside Dixie where my store is located. I will be offering one hair style. This style, named very appropriately by SeaWay, Faith is going to be one of only 4 in SL ever! Sea and Mystic will have a copy to model the day of the auction and of course I have one. Other than that no one will ever have a copy of this. So you'll be one of only FOUR people to ever own this style. How's that for unique. Rare even :) So this will go to the high bidder. You will have your choice of any of the 18 colors I offer. I will texture it for you as soon as the auction is ended and send to you right away. The style is an updo and it's got some nice little flexy pieces in it. There are also Hair Sticks that will be included with the hair. They are optional and can be worn or not depending on you. They are color change as well. They have the kanji symbol for faith on the top part of the sticks. This hair was sort of a family effort for me and I'm so proud to offer this for one incredible person. My boyfriend had the idea for the sticks and then the kanji, and SeaWay and Mystic helped me name it. I hope you will come to Dixie Sunday and join us in our fund raising efforts to wipe out cancer. Hugs to you all and come see me in Dixie ;)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hair Fair Releases!!!

Well Ladies and Gentelmen,
It's Hair Fair time again! That means tons of new hair releases!

I have for the Ladies 3 new styles and for the Men I have 2 :) Hopefully that will keep everyone happy. Everything comes in the usual 10 colors but are available in the 8 fantasy colors by request. Just drop me an IM with which style and what color and I'll make them up for you.

First up is Sawyer for the men. By special request my boyfriend asked me to make this one inspired by our favorite TV show Lost. Sawyer is flex.

Kate, also inspired by our show Lost. Cause if you have Sawyer you gotta have Kate! A pony tail with curls and loose whispy pieces falling out. Kate is flex.[Edit] I forgot to mention the scrunchie holding the pony tail is color change

Fever and Heat. Very similar in style but Fever is for the ladies and Heat is for the men. Subtle changes in the style to make it more manly for the guys and more feminine for the gurls. Both are wild whispy and flex.

Innocent. This one is for the ladies. It's long long long :) So those of yall who have been asking me to make some long hair here you go! Innocent is also flex.

So there you go ladies and gents. There are like 50 designers at least. Maybe more I'm not sure. So yall wanna get yourselves over there and check it out. It's amazing. Won't be easy to get in I'm sure. But just keep trying cause it's worth seeing. There are some absolutely amazing designs yall. You won't regret it one bit. Hugs and hope to see yall there!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Raven....Finally a new release :)

New tonight is Raven...whispy, flippy and so sexy. Inspired by the character RavenBlood and by request...Comes in all 10 colors, and available in the fantasy colors by request...Come see me in Dixie ;) HUGS