Friday, April 06, 2007

Hair Fair Releases!!!

Well Ladies and Gentelmen,
It's Hair Fair time again! That means tons of new hair releases!

I have for the Ladies 3 new styles and for the Men I have 2 :) Hopefully that will keep everyone happy. Everything comes in the usual 10 colors but are available in the 8 fantasy colors by request. Just drop me an IM with which style and what color and I'll make them up for you.

First up is Sawyer for the men. By special request my boyfriend asked me to make this one inspired by our favorite TV show Lost. Sawyer is flex.

Kate, also inspired by our show Lost. Cause if you have Sawyer you gotta have Kate! A pony tail with curls and loose whispy pieces falling out. Kate is flex.[Edit] I forgot to mention the scrunchie holding the pony tail is color change

Fever and Heat. Very similar in style but Fever is for the ladies and Heat is for the men. Subtle changes in the style to make it more manly for the guys and more feminine for the gurls. Both are wild whispy and flex.

Innocent. This one is for the ladies. It's long long long :) So those of yall who have been asking me to make some long hair here you go! Innocent is also flex.

So there you go ladies and gents. There are like 50 designers at least. Maybe more I'm not sure. So yall wanna get yourselves over there and check it out. It's amazing. Won't be easy to get in I'm sure. But just keep trying cause it's worth seeing. There are some absolutely amazing designs yall. You won't regret it one bit. Hugs and hope to see yall there!


Anonymous said...

well down ;)
sonia ewry in Sl

Anonymous said...

Just super. I'm going to your store as soon as I get inworld.

Anonymous said...

Looks really nice. Thanks. See you INWORLD soon, very soon.