Friday, April 13, 2007

RFL Auction Hair

On Sunday April 15th from 1PM to 4PM SLT the Dixie Rebel Relayers will be holding an auction to benefit Relay For Life. There will be a lot of incredible items up for aution. I'd love to see lots of people there ready to bid on these items! If you'd like to come please join us in Dixie Land Estates, right beside Dixie where my store is located. I will be offering one hair style. This style, named very appropriately by SeaWay, Faith is going to be one of only 4 in SL ever! Sea and Mystic will have a copy to model the day of the auction and of course I have one. Other than that no one will ever have a copy of this. So you'll be one of only FOUR people to ever own this style. How's that for unique. Rare even :) So this will go to the high bidder. You will have your choice of any of the 18 colors I offer. I will texture it for you as soon as the auction is ended and send to you right away. The style is an updo and it's got some nice little flexy pieces in it. There are also Hair Sticks that will be included with the hair. They are optional and can be worn or not depending on you. They are color change as well. They have the kanji symbol for faith on the top part of the sticks. This hair was sort of a family effort for me and I'm so proud to offer this for one incredible person. My boyfriend had the idea for the sticks and then the kanji, and SeaWay and Mystic helped me name it. I hope you will come to Dixie Sunday and join us in our fund raising efforts to wipe out cancer. Hugs to you all and come see me in Dixie ;)

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