Thursday, October 26, 2006


Just released tonight is Cherish. It's a knotty flirty fun pulled up flexy whispy sexy one. It comes in all the colors..10 now! Plus with this one I'm adding Caboodles. This will be either all 5 light shades (caramel, summer, sunkissed, light red and light brown), or all 5 dark shades (midnight, wine, dark brown, dark red and honey). 5 for the price of 4. $L1000L. Save $L250. So that's a freebie :) For those who like to buy several colors this should be fun. This one was named by a very dear friend, and thus it's a special one for me. Hope yall like it as well as we do. Included is a picture for your viewing pleasure ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday brings...Amy

In collaboration with Rebel Hope...Amy. Inspired by Amy Lee of Evanesence and their video Call Me When You're Sober. Wow Rebel has once again amazed me with her designing skills. This dress, you have to see it. GO GO GO I'm telling you, you want it. And the hair, well I'm not ashamed to admit I love it. I think it's just pretty. Period. I wore it with Reb's dress in the early part of the day yesterday then later I changed into casual capri's and halter for the event at the Silver Dollar and it looked awesome with both. This hair is really versatile. So hopefully you can enjoy it with many different looks. The headband has color change and it's velvet. It's a separate attachment as well so the hair can be worn with or without the headband, your choice. Sneak Peek went to Samantha Winthorpe. Here's the ad for it and it's available now in the store just as you enter, in the New column. Hugs and hope to see you in the store today some time. :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Grand Opening Sunday October 8, 2006 at 5:30PM

Well tonight is the grand opening of the new store. And what happens...a grid attack. Don't it figure? So I didn't make a big fuss about it because log in's were closed and those in world we probably afraid to venture out. And I don't blame anyone. So I went ahead with it since we had decorated and all. And pleasantly a lot showed up. Thank you to those who were able to make it. So what I've decided to do is this. We will redo the party on Sunday October 15th. A big formal affair. So those of you who would like to come and just have a good time, dance, dress up..Please do come. I will send an announcement to the group again with an invitation as for the time and all. And those not in the group *gasp!!! I'll drop on you individually. If anyone would like an invite but you're neither in my group or on my friends list just IM me on say Wednesday and I'll send you one. Now for the good stuff....The new hair released today is called Rebelicious. And it's a sexy lil do. As I said in the previous post, it's named for Rebel Hope. A dear friend and an amazing woman. I'd adding the ad so you can peek if you havent seen it yet in the store. I have a lot more to get out into the store but I went from most recent backwards and redid them all with the new colors, added colors, and have quite a few of the older ones to get out. Some I'll be discontinuing. So you might notice some are not there anymore. I'm working to get them all out tho so check back if there is one missing you want to get in the new colors. Or IM me and ask for it. I'll do it up for you. In the meanwhile I hope to see you in Dixie. Hugs yall!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I am not lost, or missing or *gasp! dead :)

As some of you know, and many don't. I have bought an island. And I've been working nose to the grindstone to get it up and going. We've moved the Silver Dollar Saloon and we're having events there now every night. I have been working like mad to get the salon moved. As I am moving the store, I'm redoing the styles, improving what needs improved upon, adding the new colors to all the selection, adding demos, and yes I even snuck in a new design I will release for the grand opening of the new store. I will give you a lil teaser about the new release..It is inspired by, created for and modeled by my dear friend Rebel Hope. It's a sexy sassy short one. Like her. Well ok she is absolutely NOT short. But she's sexy and sassy for sure! I made this with her in mind from the first prim I rezzed. It's my little way of showing her my admiration and my love for her. I've done this in past too for Diana, Mystic, SeaWay and Marissa. All very special to me. I am hoping I might, emphasis on MIGHT have another style for the grand opening. I have one in mind. It's going to be long and flex. I am HOPING to have the new store open this weekend. But that is TBA. Just cross your fingers please lol. I am trying so hard. Those who know me well know I'm a perfectionist and there's no way I can rush this. So that said, now you know why there hasn't been any new hair lately. I've had several of you IM and ask what's up. So I thought I'd bloggie and let yall know where I am and what's going on. Yall are gonna love this store. It's amazing. Rebel Hope and RH Engel, amazing builders, built it for me. Woo I am so excited and I can't wait to invite yall in. I think I will have a special opening for group members only first. Then later open it to everyone. So keep your eyes peeled and wish me luck. I'll send out a group notice first to let yall know. HUGS!! till then.