Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday brings...Amy

In collaboration with Rebel Hope...Amy. Inspired by Amy Lee of Evanesence and their video Call Me When You're Sober. Wow Rebel has once again amazed me with her designing skills. This dress, you have to see it. GO GO GO I'm telling you, you want it. And the hair, well I'm not ashamed to admit I love it. I think it's just pretty. Period. I wore it with Reb's dress in the early part of the day yesterday then later I changed into casual capri's and halter for the event at the Silver Dollar and it looked awesome with both. This hair is really versatile. So hopefully you can enjoy it with many different looks. The headband has color change and it's velvet. It's a separate attachment as well so the hair can be worn with or without the headband, your choice. Sneak Peek went to Samantha Winthorpe. Here's the ad for it and it's available now in the store just as you enter, in the New column. Hugs and hope to see you in the store today some time. :)

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Rebel Hope said...

You know people are going to start talking about us Tami! Yes we are sleeping together. It's out! ROFL...KIDDING

Another great colaboration Tams!