Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Regarding Content Theft....

Across the grid, designers and builders are battling their content being stolen. !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy is no exception. There are sites now that are claiming to sell !TM merchandise (without my permission) and are stealing credit card information in the process. Please be aware that the ONLY way you can be assured you are actually receiving !TM merchandise is by purchasing it directly from my main store, one of my satellite stores or from XStreetSL under my name

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New release today called Runway

Hi! Thanks for looking at my new release.
This is Runway. Runway is a sleek, sexy short style that's short, made with some sculpted prims for some realism and very easily worn with dramatic formal wear to the most casual of fun wear.

Runway comes in 206 shades in many pack options including the everything pack in which you can get every shade at a substantial savings. There are solids and tips in every pack so don't be afraid to spend your lindens on this hair. It's SO worth it.

Packs start at L$199 for most packs and a little more for the large packs. The regular packs (L$199) include 12 hairs (at least).

Demos are free as are the color demos, so you can try before you buy :)

Hope to see you in Dixie !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New capris!

Hi! thanks for peeking at my newest release.
I have carpis in many color options, 12 to be exact and 5 denim shades. All the colors will work perfectly with the recently released Bellies tops as well.
The capris have modifiable smooth and bunched sculpted cuffs. They're very detailed and highly versatile. Come to Dixie and see what's new :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Time to show your Bellies

New release today called Bellies, for obvious reasons ;) These are on both jacket and shirt layer. The sleeves and prim addition for the belly come in two versions, one a plain and the second is the plain color with a sheer overlay with little dots that make it look a little sparkly. Lots of fun. The sleeves are sculpted the waist is flexy. The prim attachements are modifiable. Available in 12 colors or in an everything pack with 50% savings! You can get them in the main store in Dixie or on Xstreet SL Marketplace
Be sure to stop by Dixie and see what's new :) Can't wait to see you there

Friday, July 31, 2009

Let's get Pumped for the weekend!

New release today is Pumped. Sculped design for minimal prims and superior design. Picture and demo included. Also included in the attachment are refreshers of this weeks releases. Don't forget to accept the attachment. Hope to see you in Dixie. Come get Tamified!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Steppin' Out

New release today is not hair :) (Although the hair in the ad is new and it's called Lollipop;) It's a cute outfit in black/grey combos and super fun. There is a flexy and sculpted skirt, a tank top and shrug with sculpted collar and cuffs. Please enjoy! Be sure to head on over to Dixie to see all that's new and get Tamified!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lollipop, Lollipop oh Lolly Lolly....

Today's new release is called Lollipop. Cuter than a bugs ear Lollipop is two pony tails with lots of whispy goodness you would expect from hair this cute.
Available in all 206 colors in so many color pack options, you won't leave unhappy.
Demo and color demos available in my main store. So come to
Dixie and get Tamified!

Monday, July 20, 2009

New release: Drama. Dramatic for sure. This is an updo you can dress up or dress down. I have worn it both with formal and with casual wear and it looked great with both. I have created flowers to go with the hair. There is a single flower or a set of flowers so you can accessorize however you want :) The flowers are color change via the TamiHud. Hope you enjoy!
Available in all 206 colors in lots of color pack options.
Demo and color demos available in my main store here in Dixie. Hope to see you there :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Seduction...Released today

Long and flexy, whispy and sexy. This one is perfect for the formal night out, or the not so quiet evening in ;)

Comes in 206 shades in so many color packs you won't believe your eyes.

Come see what's new at !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy Hope to see you there :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Two new releases today called Pirate. One for him and one for her. ARRRR

Today I have a double release of Pirate for ladies and for the guys. It's a long pony tail with flexy and sculpted goodness. The bands are color change with a single or dual color option. There are piratey beads hanging down that can be color changed or even removed if you're not feeling especially pirate-ish today and just want to wear it as long hair. I've included a complimentary pirate hat that is also color change with a color change sash attached.

If you'd like to get just the pirate hat it's also available for purchase alone in the accessories.

Hope to see you in Dixie where all the cool pirates hang out ;)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New release today for the gurlies

This one is called Jenna. Named after someone very dear to my heart in RL and in SL. Her name is Phoebe Sirbu. She is a true to the heart cowgurl and asked me to make a long hair with a cowboy hat. So here it is. The hat has color change via the TamiHud. You can change the hat and the tie. All one color or make the hat have one color and the rope a coordinating color. Whatever you like :) Available in 206 color and lots of color pack options. Hope you enjoy!


Monday, July 06, 2009


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I'll announce new releases there, but not as often or as soon as I do in my SL Update group and my Notification group. You don't need to have a space in your groups for the notification group. Just TP to my store (link below and also in my profile picks) and click the board right outside the entrance :)

New for the ladies...Guineviere

New for the ladies is Guineviere. It's super long pulled loosely back into a ponytail that has a color change band. Just use your TamiHud to change the color to suit your needs. There is a nice mix of sculpts, flexy and regular prims for a realistic look. Available in all 206 colors in lots of color pack options.
Demo and color demos available in my main store here in Dixie. Hope to see you there :)

New for the guys!! It's called October

New release for the guys called October. Named for my husband. This hair is all sculpts and high prim. So be sure to remove the scripts once you've resized it. (Just click the hair, click all prims/delete/yes) You'll be glad you did and it'll help you with lag. Available in all 206 colors in so many different packs you will be hard pressed not to find a color you like :) Demo and color demos available in my main store here in Dixie. Hope to see you there :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hair Fair Releases!

So, I'm totally behind on everything. I had a family emergency that prevented me from doing anything until this point. I barely got hair done for the fair! But it's there. I'll post pictures below for a peek at the designs in case you're wanting to go check out the hair fair and hadn't looked for my booth since I hadn't posted. Sorry for the delays. Things should be back on track now! Hope to see you either at the Hair Fair or in Dixie soon.
Diamond is a cute updo with a color change headband. The color change options are via the TamiHud.

Tasty is a short sassy do with all sculpted prims. It's high prim so once you've edited it to fit you be sure to click the hair then click all prims/delete to remove the resizing scripts so you won't lag :)

Pearl is a very stylish short do for the lady who likes to be sexy with her short style. This is a favorite of mine. Smexy!!

Come see what's new at !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy Hope to see you there :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally a new release ;) It's called Tami

Imagine that...a new hair finally released. So it's been a while since I released anything new. I've got several ready now and I'll be releasing them one or two at a time over the next week or two. Today's release is called Tami. It's a layered sexy do with lots of fun whisps and layers throughout. It's very much like my own real life hair so I decided to name it after myself. The style is primarily sculpted with some flexy added in for fun movement and realism. Available in all 206 shades in the new packs only. (As I said before over the last few months, I will be discontinuing the old textures at some point. Things are going much slower than I planned) Demo and color demos available in my main store here in Dixie.
Hope to see you there :)