Thursday, June 28, 2007

New release...Careless

New tonight is Careless in both male and female version. This is short with a tousled look. There is some subtle flex. Comes in all 10 colors as always and available by request in the 8 fantasy shades. Come see me in Dixie :)


Marie said...

Love your short hair. Well... I love your long hair too Tami.

I will be in to snap this one up.

Thanks :)

Natalie Oe said...

Wow i love this style Tami, I'm gunna go buy it asap :)

As a girl who loves shopping I have to say you do some of the best hairstyles I've seen in secondlife.

Definitely another one for me to recommend

BlueBerry Pick'n said...

OHHH I love this hair!!

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