Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's release...Gwen

Released tonight...Gwen. Inspired by Gwen Carillon. A dear friend I respect and adore. Gwen's a brilliant artist and owns Elements in Design in Greenmantle. Check out her store sometime, you'll be amazed. The hair is long (past the waist and to the hiney unless you're super tall), flexy with an updo/and long formal look at the same time. Looks good with jeans too tho! Hope you enjoy wearing this one as much as I have been. I haven't changed hair for two days and counting, lol. Come see me in Dixie :) HUGS!


Jeza said...

Oh my.. That hair is beautiful!
I must be living under a rock, I don't think I have been to your store before.. Please send me an lm in world.. I feel a shopping spree coming on =D

Thank you!!
Jeza May

heart said...

what is the exact color of that hair? cos im planning on getting my hair dyed that type of brown and blonde for the ends.