Monday, May 28, 2007

*~OT~*WesternGear opened it's doors this morning on the Dixie sim right next door to the Silver Dollar Saloon! *~OT~* WesternGear is Tami McCoy and October Brotherhood putting thier powers of western gear creation together for the forces of good.

We have several brand new outfits, and an entire new set of gear for the Cow Gurls out there! Gear is fully scripted with texture swapping so that one gear set will change to match just about anything you wear! All pieces in a gear set will stay matched and coordinated as you change textures. No more buying the same hat twice because you wish it was a different color!

More Western themed gear coming with weekly releases of new product, mosey on down and check us out!

The three hairstyles featured in these ads will be released later today in Dixie.

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