Friday, October 26, 2007

New release ... finally!!!

Well, as many of you know I have moved in real life. This is the reason for no new release in the last 6 weeks. So finally I have settled in some and I have been able to create a new style for us. This one is named Cupcake. It's flexy cuteness in pony tails. Available in all 10 Naturals and in 8 Fantasy shades in my store in Dixie today. Look for 2 new men's styles next week and (hopefully) 1 for the ladies. Hope to see you in Dixie soon. Come say I've missed yall so much! As a sidenote, I will be accepting the new resident voucher starting November 1st. If you, or someone you know was 'born' September 4th or later go ahead and get your voucher at the Free Dove and submit them on the 1st. I will be ready to tackle those again. As before, please remember it will be no less than 2 days turnaround on delivery. Thanks for your continued support and patience while I was so limited for SL time. Come see me in Dixie :) Hugs!

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