Friday, December 29, 2006

Wishing you a Happy New Year with lots of Sunshine!

New today is Sunshine. An updo with class, elegance and such style you'll wanna ring in the new year with this one. Made especially for my dear friend Mystic Brodsky for her wedding this past Wednesday. She was happy to share it with us all and allow me to release it. She is modeling it in the ad and it was named for her too. Wishing Mick and Mystic a wonderful married life and all of yall the happiest of New Years. Hugs from me!! Come to Dixie and check this one out. Comes in all 10 colors and of course the caboodles. Fantasy colors available upon request.

Also avaialable as an accessory to the updo Sunshine, you can purchase Color change flowers made custom for this updo. It will sit perfectly nestled in the style and compliment any gown or outfit you chose to wear. Plenty of color choices. Available in the updo's beside the display for Sunshine. Coming soon, flowers for many other of the styles I have already out. HUGS!!!

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