Monday, May 28, 2007

3 New hair styles released today!

First up is Dixie Diva. Feathery and sexy and a new trend in real life hair brought back from our past. This one is not flexy but it's hella sexy ;)

Second is Western Gurl. A pony tail with a leather band that has two texture swapping options, one for the leather and the other for the three stones decorating it. Western Gurl is flexy.

Last but not least is Country Gurl. A cute set of ponytails with color change bows. Country Gurl is semi flexy.

Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie!

*~OT~*WesternGear opened it's doors this morning on the Dixie sim right next door to the Silver Dollar Saloon! *~OT~* WesternGear is Tami McCoy and October Brotherhood putting thier powers of western gear creation together for the forces of good.

We have several brand new outfits, and an entire new set of gear for the Cow Gurls out there! Gear is fully scripted with texture swapping so that one gear set will change to match just about anything you wear! All pieces in a gear set will stay matched and coordinated as you change textures. No more buying the same hat twice because you wish it was a different color!

More Western themed gear coming with weekly releases of new product, mosey on down and check us out!

The three hairstyles featured in these ads will be released later today in Dixie.

Monday, May 14, 2007

new for the men....Turmoil!

New men's hair today. It's a long pony tail with a leather tie. The leather tie can be changed from Black Leather to Tan or Brown Leather. Texture change, not color. So it's really sharp looking. Available in all 10 naturals I offer and by request as always in the fantasy colors. Caboodles and Kit N Caboodles available also. Caboodles are multi packs 5 for the price of 4. Kit N Caboodles are a huge pack of every style (men's) in each color at a huge discount price. Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


New release today...Persuasion. Long with just enough flex to make it natural flowing and tons of fun. There are color change hair sticks you can add for a little extra flair. As always it comes in all 10 natural shades and available by request in the fantasy colors. Come see me in Dixie ;) HUGS

Newly re-released

Revamped and improved. I've redone the textures and improved on the design for Seduction. You can find it in the 'Long Straight' section in the store in Dixie. If you already have it and want the update IM me please. Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie...HUGS!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday release is Babycakes

Babycakes is a cute pigtail/bun mix with lots of flexy whisps. Semi covering one eye, the bangs are cute with just a touch of sexy. Comes with an optional color changing ribbon to add a little zip to the style if you so choose. As always it's available in the usual 10 shades and by request the 8 Fantasy shades I offer. Hope you enjoy. Come see me in Dixie ;) HUGS!!