Friday, August 25, 2006

Pop Gurl Takes the Stage

Coming out today is Pop Gurl. OMG Can I tell you I love this hair? It took me freaking forever to get them all textured. Lots and lots of feathery, fringy and fluffy prims in this one. It's called Pop Gurl because Rebel asked me to make Flirt longer for her USO Pop Star Set. OMG I love the outfit she made. Inspired by Christina Aguilera's new video. I had seen this video and thought oh wow I want that outfit in SL. Reb read my mind I'm convinced! So when she sent me the outfit I nearly squeeled lol. I said OH I love this I saw Christina....she said YES! So. GMTA? Maybe. More like warped minds tho ;) So anyway here is Pop Gurl. I can say I think this is one of my best ever designs. I am very proud of this. My designs lately have had a very airy, feathery feel to them. Soft looking too I think. Anyway, I hope you love it as much as I. Emiee Tripp got the Sneak Peek and she and her hubby Charles both loved it. It's a great feeling when the hubby IM's with praise too. WOW! I'll be releasing this as soon as SeaWay and Mystic log in and then I hope I will see yall there in the store. Till then here are the ads to peek at. I appreciate you looking and your continued support. Hugs!

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Rebel Hope said...

OOO and this one...It's perfect with USO!