Monday, August 28, 2006

Far out...It's Hippy Gurl!

Well today I am releasing Hippy Gurl. I am really liking this one. Just the typical long straight hair with the part in the midway. There is flex in it too. It sort of looks like maybe the bangs are sligly pulled behind the ear, like one would have done back in the day. *ahem* if one was old enough to remember "the day" lol. Anyway it's a great style if you want just a long simple style. I'll be releasing it here in about an hour or so. I sent Yumi Darkes the 'Sneak Peek'and she loved it. YAY. So hopefully everyone will. Oh and I'm gonna tell yall a secret :) And this is a secret you can share with your friends. I am going to have a summer blow out! What is that you ask? Well let me tell you...As a thank you to all the wonderful people who have been such a great support to me and my designs...I am going to mark all hair down $L100 from $L350 to $L250. So this starts today. So come on over and bring anyone you think might be interested in saving some Linden :) I just wanted to say thanks and let everyone know how much I appreciate all your support these past almost TWO years. Wow. Just amazing to me. I am so truly blessed. Anyways enough mush. Hope to see yall in the store soon as I get this released. I will send out the group IM as always. Till then...HUGS!