Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two new ones for the guys

Messy and Mellow are the two new ones today. Both for the guys, Both are flex. Messy is a total redo of the older style that I've had for a good while now. For those guys who already have the older Messy just IM me and you'll get a nice discount if you'd like to update to the new. As for Mellow, it's a nice neat short style for those who like the cleaner look. It's got a center part and the bangs are flex. I'll send out a notice once I have it in the store for everyone. And all hair is still 250L until further notice. A couple more weeks probably anyway. Hope you enjoy and as always thank you for looking. Hope to see you in the store soon! HUGS!!

1 comment:

Rebel Hope said...

Rich has this man hair and mmm yummmay!

Tami you wicked lil monkeh