Friday, September 15, 2006

Coming in just a few hours...

To be released exclusively at Rebel Hope's grand opening of her Costume Theater 3PM SLT...Two new styles. One for the ladies and one for the men. Pictures to come just after the's a fun kinda surprise thingy :) But Also, I am so excited and very proud to announce I have made 5 more colors to be revealed today as well. I do have a picture to show you the new colors. Two new blondes: Honey, a darker shade and then Summer which is platinum-ish. I've redone the black and it's now Midnight. A new brown with blonde streaks called Caramel. And last a new deep lucious red called Wine. I can't wait for yall to see these. The ladies style I am releasing today is available in all 10 colors and still priced at $L250. I will send out a notice once I have it in the store, which will be following the grand opening at Isla Del Amor. So stay tuned. I know it's been a while since I've released anything but I think, well HOPE the new textures I made during this time will be a little make up for no new styles :) Ok and also...Some of you have asked about demo's. While I still do not like them, I've asked many of you (thank you for your honesty and feedback), and there are many of you who would like to see demo's. This new style will start the phase in of demo's being offered with each style. Please bear with me as I work to add the new colors and demo's to each style. If you're reading this you know how many styles I have and this will be a big undertaking. That said, if there is one in paticular you'd like a demo, just IM me and I'll send it your way. I have a LOT made just redoing the displays and all so it's going to be a slow process. But oh how fun. You'll notice with this new release I have changed the displays. I am trying my dangdest to lessen the lag for us all. Rezzing all those pictures is a chore so I thought I would try a new approach. So as I add the new textures and demo's I'll also be redoing the displays. Be prepared for a whole new shopping experience lol. In time that is. But let's hope this helps the lag. Ok so until the release I'll post this, then update once it's been unveiled. I do NOT want to steal any of Rebel's thunder, but I'll tell yall, you're gonna love what she's done. It's just yummy. Ok for now...HUGS!

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