Saturday, June 17, 2006


Middle of the night again and more hair. I'm starting a pattern here that I need to break. Hard to sleep tho. Bubba and I both have loved ones in the hospital so I guess I'm stressed and my mind is working overtime. So I do like I've always done when I worry/stress. I stay busy. So here it is...Demure. It's flex, and long. Has a headband with color change. That's new. Never did a headband before. It's cute tho. And I like it. Was gonna put it in the store tonight but Milu crashed when I went back in. Imagine that, Milu crashin. Hmm. Yea ok so the 'Sneak Peek' group member chosen tonight: Aunnia Wilberg. Hope you enjoy it Aunnia :)I am too tired to put this in the salon tonight. I will do it soon as I wake up. Hope I see a bunch of our group members there. The winner of the Sneak Peek is Zoria Montgomery. Have fun with it Zoria! Hugs!

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