Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Monday

Monday...blah. It's raining here. How cliche`. Rainy days and Monday's...Anyways. I am having big time computer problems. I'm crashing in SL every 10 min (or less). I can't stay logged in. Tried for 45 minutes last night and got so mad I just shut the whole thing down and said screw it. I was able to get the new Wild Thang hair out into the store. I also did some remodeling to make more room for the Flex Hair section which is growing quickly and I see no end in sight. I need feedback though. Do yall like the flex hair enough for me to keep making only flex or do you still like the static hair also? I welcome comments here or IMs in world. Even if I can't stay logged in I get them via email so please send me your thoughts. I'm going to try something now with my computer and see if this helps. If it doesn't I think (sadly) I won't be able to work until Bubba gets here and I have my new computer he's building for me. Gosh I hope this works. Please cross your fingers. And toes...and eyes ;) HUGS!!

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