Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Going, going....gone!

Here is a list of styles I will no longer be selling: Bun With Curlies, Twistie Bun, Formal Bun, Fancy Bun, Bun With Ringlets, Chignon. If you have any of the older styles with the old school texturing, I will be redoing the ones I have not mentioned above. I feel these can be retextured and reworked enough to stay in the store and maintain what I feel meets the standards I have set. If you have one of these older styles, check the store. If you see it's been redone with the newer textures IM me and I will send you the new design once you've sent me the old one. If you love the old one but want the new one too Let me know, you can have it at a special price. Hugs!


Cooper Cone said...

i have inferno black with flex and i LOVE IT its so cool good luck on your sales!!!

Cooper Cone

Tami said...

That's awesome to hear (ok read ;) Cooper. Thanks for the feedback! Hugs