Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chic...Coming this afternoon/evening

ok...So I have had a slow week hair creating wise. I've had computer issues out the wazoo! Which of course is going to hinder the creative process. So finally I got a new one made. Took me yesterday and today to complete it, but I think you will like it. It's short but not too short, it's cute but not too cutsie and it has flex but it's not all the way flex. Here is a little sneek peek at it...Pardon the rough picture but you know, it's a sneak peek right? So here it is. I will be working on editing the pictures today and have this out ASAP. Winner for the Sneak Peek was Pumpkin Cookie. She said she liked it, it's cute! And I agree it's really cute. See you soon with the edited piccies. Hugs!

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