Friday, July 07, 2006

TGIF...and French Kiss ;)

Yep that's right, new hair. It's called French Kiss. After three aborted attempts I finally got SeaWays mind picture into prims and onto my head...WHEW! Braids. Gawd they're evil I tell ya. But they're pretty too. So here we go. Sea had this idea for hair and we discussed it about 4 days ago. And I've been working to make this look right since lol. So keep this in mind, anyone says braid to me in the next few days I'm runnin. So be warned lol. Ok here are the pictures. This style is mid length with braids carrying the sides into the back. It can be worn with or without the color change ribbon. It's really pretty on, I had trouble getting the pictures to show how pretty it is but they aren't too bad. I'll be putting this out into the salon here shortly. Shelly Giles was the Sneak Peek winner. Have a great weekend yall! Might see you here tomorrow who know's. Till later...HUGS!!

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