Thursday, July 20, 2006


Good Thursday morning yall. I have FINALLY finished this hair, the graphics and I'm ready to release it. This had been the longest I think SL had been down in months. I sincerely HOPE it wont happen again anytime soon. Ok I hope never but I am a realist, not so much an optimist. *shrug* So, Flirt is the name. Cause it's so flirty and fun. And cute! Your avie is gonna be so adorable in this. I know mine is ;). It's a little retro but at the same time it's current. And as Dee pointed out last night when I was working on the textures for the hair, it looks like Janet from Three's Company. If you remember that show, you're gonna think this is a retro type style. If you don't remember it, well this be current for you :) lol. Which, ok retro is the style so it's not retro if it's current is it? YIKES hush Tams and just finish blogging this haha. So I gave the Sneak Peek yesterday to Candy Tripp. She agrees it's for sure cute. I will post the pictures here and then go post the ad on the forums then to the shop to put it out for sale. 100L off for the first 30 minutes as always. Have a great day and it's almost the weekend!!! Hugs!

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