Saturday, July 08, 2006

Reckless...and sleepy ;)

Well I just spent 9 hours straight on hair. I know I'm nuts. It's the truth. But it was going so good I didn't want to stop and risk losing the feel of the style. So here is a little peekie at it. OMG I am so proud of this lol. I love it. If you see me in world, you'll see me wearing this hair. I know I'm being conceited but so what this is my blog right? lol. Seriously I think this is a good one and nothing wrong with being proud is there? It's short, racy and really different than my normal good girl, shiny happy stuff. This is rebellious for sure. And reckless ;) It has some flex in it just for movement and realism. I really like the flex but it's getting to be overdone IMO. So while I will keep using it, it's going to be done in moderation and as the styles need it for the right look. Well, what I've been doing I guess. Not anything different. Ok I am babbeling. I've not slept and it's catching up with me. Anyway...I'll have this ready to go out soon. I have the next style already drawn out and in my head so that will be started later today. It's for the guys. I may wait and release them together as they are really going to compliment one another I think. I dunno. I'll decide later, after I've eaten and rested a little. If any of you actually read this and IM me today when I'm in world and tell me that you read my rambling post I will send you a gift. A nice gift. I am just curious if anyone actually reads this, lol. Ok hugs!

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