Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's Thrursday....and 2 new styles

Good Thursday yall. Hope you had a good holiday. I know I did. So this morning I am starting to work on the pictures for the ads for two new styles. The first is called Career Girl and the second is Scandal. Both are short styles. Am I the only one diggin short hair lately? Maybe it's cause I can have it short then when I change my mind I can go back to my usual long, unlike real life. I'd never do the short in real lol. I'm way too chicken for that. I've always been a long hair girl. Anyway, whatever the reason I have two new short ones for yall coming later today. If you were up early this morning then you got the sneak peek. I was just passing free hair to everyone in the group who was online. That was fun. Hope you all like your new do's. Let's see if I can remember who all was online...Jaimie, Sazzy, SoCal, Zareena, Ruluan, Blaze. They all got sneak peek'd today. If I forgot anyone I'm sorry. It's like SO early here. But I'm pumped and ready to make pretty pictures. Let's hope I am sucessful. I will post here when I'm ready to release these. Till later...HUGS!

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