Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dangerous...for him...and her

Updated: Here are the ladies pictures too. I'll have this out in the salon in an hour or so. Hope to see you there. I will make an announcement and as always group members will get 100L off their purchase in the first 30 min. Sneak Peek winners are Dani Frua for the guys and Hesten Blabbermouth for the gurls. Hope yall enjoy! Hugs :)
So here's the men's hairstyle I been promising. It's been reworked a few times and finally I am pleased with it and going to release it.While showing it to my best friends: Diana, Mystic and SeaWay, Diana posed the question can this be unisex? (As I was in my normal avie not the guy avie I use when making men's hair). I had been thinking along the same lines, as often happens with your best buds right? So I am going to work on the ladies pictures once I finish here and get them taken and edited then I will release the whole set in the forums and get it into the store. I'll add the ladies pic to this post so check back. Happy Tuesday yall! Oh and just a teaser, next ladies hair is going to be very retro which is the trend lately, so be ready for something fun and very old school. The music I been playing lately in the salon may be the inspiration. Dunno. But I am so diggin on the 70's right now. A very fun time period for me. I was a kid and growing into my tweens during this time. I remember everyone was dancing. Even me. Had this neighbor, she was a teenager. She taught me the hustle and omg we played the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack over and over. Like a lot during that time I suppose. Anyway, this new hair coming is flavored from that time span. I'm loving it and it's only half done. I hope the second half holds up and it's ready soon. Okay, so back to work for me. Hugs!

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