Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Piggies!! For Big and Lil Gurls

So it's Wednesday. Another update. What's this 5 weeks in a row now? I've lost track. But however many weeks it's been, that's how many weeks SL has not worked right for me. So I've stayed in my skybox/office/work area. I guess it's been good in that I've been very creative, lol. But I really wanna shop. Bubba will be here soon tho and with him and his sexy self comes a new PC. I can wait. Really I can....Ok, so I'm impatient. I want him here NOW! And the PC will be nice too. I can just imagine what it will be like to function normal again in SL. Ok well, back to business here. I have two new ones for today. One for the big gurls and one for the lil gurls. It's the same style just sized for adult or kid sized avies. The piggies have flex tho it should be noted they are not total flex. That wouldn't look right. Sorry. And those of you who know me, know I won't sell it if it ain't just so. So. Here they are. The Sneak Peek winner for the group was Jaimie Jaques. Good luck with the new baby when he/she gets here Jaimie. And the lil gurl one went to Lilsugar Darling. Daughter of my good friend Anjilla Alexander and her hubby Michael Steinbeck. Hugs yall. See you here tomorrow. (If not sooner)

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