Saturday, July 29, 2006

Deux for Saturday

I am going to try my best to get this out before the event tonight. So this will be short. This one is called Deux. Because it's two ponytails. I think it turned out good and thank you Mystic for the idea. She asked me a while back to make it and I finally got it worked out on paper and then into prims. She liked it so I'm very happy with the results. Here are the pictures. As usual, discount for group members as soon as I get it out. HUGS! Have a good weekend.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fast Times

Happy Friday and here comes the weekend. This is Fast Times. Like as in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It's like the wings we used to wear. Fun and fringy and cute. So I hope you enjoy it. I am exhausted and this post is seriously lacking in flair I know this. lol. But here are the pics. Hugs see you in the salon :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Finally...Rocker Gurl

Well after FOUR days I FINALLY finished this one. It's a wild one. And after thinking about it long and hard I decided to release the Untamed Color Series with it. So that's 6 new colors available. On top of that I decided to spice it up a little and make some tipped colors. Basically thats just a secondary color on the ends of the hair. Giving it a tipped look, thus the term tipped. So that made another 12 colors. Total of colors now is 6 Natural, 6 Untamed, 24 Tipped (2 for each color). Total 36 colors. With infinite possibilites in combinations...that I am not even going to think about at the moment. 36 separate styles I textured, at 111 prims each! Thats 3996 prims for those of you keeping count. O M G. I can tell you I am SO glad to be done with this project. So, here's what I decided to do. This hair is going to come in Trios. You will get the Natural or Untamed solid color, a black tipped and then an Untamed tipped also. I just did one of each and the color I thought was most striking together for an all out wild look for the Untamed Tipped ones. So three in each purchase this time. Woot! Yay for more hair. Same price tho of course ;) This is going to be an experiment I suppose to see if there is really a desire for these colors. If it goes well I'll do more. So let me know what you think, I love feedback. I will get this out in the salon ASAP and I'll put it on SLX and SLB today too. Here's the pictures so you can peek before they're out. Hope you like and look forward to seeing you in the shop for the group sale! Hugs!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Good Thursday morning yall. I have FINALLY finished this hair, the graphics and I'm ready to release it. This had been the longest I think SL had been down in months. I sincerely HOPE it wont happen again anytime soon. Ok I hope never but I am a realist, not so much an optimist. *shrug* So, Flirt is the name. Cause it's so flirty and fun. And cute! Your avie is gonna be so adorable in this. I know mine is ;). It's a little retro but at the same time it's current. And as Dee pointed out last night when I was working on the textures for the hair, it looks like Janet from Three's Company. If you remember that show, you're gonna think this is a retro type style. If you don't remember it, well this be current for you :) lol. Which, ok retro is the style so it's not retro if it's current is it? YIKES hush Tams and just finish blogging this haha. So I gave the Sneak Peek yesterday to Candy Tripp. She agrees it's for sure cute. I will post the pictures here and then go post the ad on the forums then to the shop to put it out for sale. 100L off for the first 30 minutes as always. Have a great day and it's almost the weekend!!! Hugs!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Updates suck the big one!

Well SL updates do, not updates from me :P I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...or grid as it were. Just took a little break from designing. A vacation I suppose. To enjoy all that I haven't been doing while my computer was wonky. It's all better now and I'm able to move about the grid freely once again...YAY!!! So I took advantage of that and did my best to help the SL economy by shopping like a madwoman for, gosh...every day lol. So, to update: I am working on 3 potential styles at the moment. One is nearly ready for release. Would probably be out if SL hadn't screwed up and lost us this day for logging in. But once we're back in I will finish it up and get it ready to release. I am toying with the idea of having two versions of this one with each purchase. I'm playing around with textures and we'll see. I might get something I like well enough to release it. You'll see it here first when I have it done. Then the usual routine, forums and then the salon with the first 30 minutes being 100L off for group members. Just my way of thanking you for being part of the group. So until we get back into SL, hugs yall!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Retro Gurl

Grr at summer storms! I had planned to have this hair ready hours ago but a storm rolled in and my power went out for hours! But better later than never, here is Retro Gurl. This is a fun one. So soft and feahery looking. Looks cute cute cute on! Angela Robertson got the Sneak Peek and she said it's so her lol. She loves it. I am going to get this posted to the forums and out in the salon so I can make the group announcement with the discount soon as I have it ready. Hope to see you there. Hugs!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dangerous...for him...and her

Updated: Here are the ladies pictures too. I'll have this out in the salon in an hour or so. Hope to see you there. I will make an announcement and as always group members will get 100L off their purchase in the first 30 min. Sneak Peek winners are Dani Frua for the guys and Hesten Blabbermouth for the gurls. Hope yall enjoy! Hugs :)
So here's the men's hairstyle I been promising. It's been reworked a few times and finally I am pleased with it and going to release it.While showing it to my best friends: Diana, Mystic and SeaWay, Diana posed the question can this be unisex? (As I was in my normal avie not the guy avie I use when making men's hair). I had been thinking along the same lines, as often happens with your best buds right? So I am going to work on the ladies pictures once I finish here and get them taken and edited then I will release the whole set in the forums and get it into the store. I'll add the ladies pic to this post so check back. Happy Tuesday yall! Oh and just a teaser, next ladies hair is going to be very retro which is the trend lately, so be ready for something fun and very old school. The music I been playing lately in the salon may be the inspiration. Dunno. But I am so diggin on the 70's right now. A very fun time period for me. I was a kid and growing into my tweens during this time. I remember everyone was dancing. Even me. Had this neighbor, she was a teenager. She taught me the hustle and omg we played the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack over and over. Like a lot during that time I suppose. Anyway, this new hair coming is flavored from that time span. I'm loving it and it's only half done. I hope the second half holds up and it's ready soon. Okay, so back to work for me. Hugs!

Monday, July 10, 2006

So ya know...

Just to keep you all up to date..I am working on a style. Very possibly might be unisex but for sure it's men's. Working out some tweaking and then I will decide if it's going for the ladies too. Might be ready tomorrow. Hugs!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Reckless...and sleepy ;)

Well I just spent 9 hours straight on hair. I know I'm nuts. It's the truth. But it was going so good I didn't want to stop and risk losing the feel of the style. So here is a little peekie at it. OMG I am so proud of this lol. I love it. If you see me in world, you'll see me wearing this hair. I know I'm being conceited but so what this is my blog right? lol. Seriously I think this is a good one and nothing wrong with being proud is there? It's short, racy and really different than my normal good girl, shiny happy stuff. This is rebellious for sure. And reckless ;) It has some flex in it just for movement and realism. I really like the flex but it's getting to be overdone IMO. So while I will keep using it, it's going to be done in moderation and as the styles need it for the right look. Well, what I've been doing I guess. Not anything different. Ok I am babbeling. I've not slept and it's catching up with me. Anyway...I'll have this ready to go out soon. I have the next style already drawn out and in my head so that will be started later today. It's for the guys. I may wait and release them together as they are really going to compliment one another I think. I dunno. I'll decide later, after I've eaten and rested a little. If any of you actually read this and IM me today when I'm in world and tell me that you read my rambling post I will send you a gift. A nice gift. I am just curious if anyone actually reads this, lol. Ok hugs!

Friday, July 07, 2006

TGIF...and French Kiss ;)

Yep that's right, new hair. It's called French Kiss. After three aborted attempts I finally got SeaWays mind picture into prims and onto my head...WHEW! Braids. Gawd they're evil I tell ya. But they're pretty too. So here we go. Sea had this idea for hair and we discussed it about 4 days ago. And I've been working to make this look right since lol. So keep this in mind, anyone says braid to me in the next few days I'm runnin. So be warned lol. Ok here are the pictures. This style is mid length with braids carrying the sides into the back. It can be worn with or without the color change ribbon. It's really pretty on, I had trouble getting the pictures to show how pretty it is but they aren't too bad. I'll be putting this out into the salon here shortly. Shelly Giles was the Sneak Peek winner. Have a great weekend yall! Might see you here tomorrow who know's. Till later...HUGS!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ok they are ready to go into the salon...

Here are the ads ya'll. I have some RL things to take care of then I will be in world to set these out in the salon. As in the past the first 30 minutes will be 100L off either ( or both ;). Hope to see you there. Hugs!

It's Thrursday....and 2 new styles

Good Thursday yall. Hope you had a good holiday. I know I did. So this morning I am starting to work on the pictures for the ads for two new styles. The first is called Career Girl and the second is Scandal. Both are short styles. Am I the only one diggin short hair lately? Maybe it's cause I can have it short then when I change my mind I can go back to my usual long, unlike real life. I'd never do the short in real lol. I'm way too chicken for that. I've always been a long hair girl. Anyway, whatever the reason I have two new short ones for yall coming later today. If you were up early this morning then you got the sneak peek. I was just passing free hair to everyone in the group who was online. That was fun. Hope you all like your new do's. Let's see if I can remember who all was online...Jaimie, Sazzy, SoCal, Zareena, Ruluan, Blaze. They all got sneak peek'd today. If I forgot anyone I'm sorry. It's like SO early here. But I'm pumped and ready to make pretty pictures. Let's hope I am sucessful. I will post here when I'm ready to release these. Till later...HUGS!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Well ladies here is Tender...This updo is romantic, sexy and casual all in one. I'm thinking I will wear it with formals as easily as jeans. This style is a classic and I am thrilled I was able to bring it into SL for us to enjoy. I hope you love it as much as me. There is some subtle flex in this but I won't title it flex hair as the movement is purely for realistic purposes and not to be "Flex Hair" per se. I will make the announcement in the group as soon as I have it out in the salon. As is the way with new releases all group members will get 100L off for the first 30 min or so after release. Sneak Peek winner is Fayandria Foley. Hope you're enjoying ;) HUGS!

Sunday release...Surely not!

Ok yea I have one to release on Sunday. Normally I don't work on Sunday's but with Bubba being busy with his Dad, I worked. And made a pretty new do. It's an updo to be precice. With a small bit of flex. Here is the sneak peek pictures...I'll have in out in a few hours and I'll announce it in the group...HUGS!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chic is ready for release...

Here are the ads. I will make a group announcement and knock 100L off the price for group members for the first 30 min or so of the release. HUGS!!!

Chic...Coming this afternoon/evening

ok...So I have had a slow week hair creating wise. I've had computer issues out the wazoo! Which of course is going to hinder the creative process. So finally I got a new one made. Took me yesterday and today to complete it, but I think you will like it. It's short but not too short, it's cute but not too cutsie and it has flex but it's not all the way flex. Here is a little sneek peek at it...Pardon the rough picture but you know, it's a sneak peek right? So here it is. I will be working on editing the pictures today and have this out ASAP. Winner for the Sneak Peek was Pumpkin Cookie. She said she liked it, it's cute! And I agree it's really cute. See you soon with the edited piccies. Hugs!